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Over the past three years, I've written a new science fiction epic!

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You can run the following software programs using the OSI C1P emulator for Windows, which you may download from: or from here: OsiEmu098c.ZIP  Despite the name, this program runs just fine under Windows 2000/XP as well as Windows 95/98/NT.

Download and unzip the file "OsiEmu098c.ZIP", then run "W_Osi.exe" by double-clicking on it from Windows Explorer. Cut and Paste any of the files below into Notepad (you can do a "Select All") and save it. Don't download by right-clicking and doing a "Save Target As...". If you do you'll be missing the Carriage Returns (CR) in the file. This will cause the C1P simulator to try and put the entire file on one line. My web site seems to strip off the CR characters when I upload the files, even when using the FTP BINARY mode. Must be a Unix site (sigh). Copying and Pasting into Notepad will put them back in. Make sure there is a CR (blank line) at the end of the file to ease loading.

If you continue to have problems, download this ZIP file C1P_Programs.ZIP by right-clicking and doing a "Save Target As...". It has all the programs listed below with the necessary Carriage Returns. Just unzip it (several subdirectories will be created) and load the resulting files directly into the emulator.

If you need help running the C1P emulator, check out the "readme.txt" file in the ZIP file at: or from here: c1p.ZIP. (These files may also be downloaded by right-clicking and doing a "Save Target As...)

I will be adding many more programs in the next few weeks. Please direct any comments about this website to:


Programs that were marketed under the Ohio Scientific label:


POKER this is OSI's version of the draw poker card game.

SAMPLE1 is a math tutor game.

SAMPLE2 is a check book balancer program.

SAMPLE3 is a trigonometry tutor, actually pretty good.

SAMPLE4 is a war game between a ground turret and an airplane.

SAMPLE5 is a child's counting game.

SAMPLE6 is an American presidents quiz game.

Note: SAMPLE1 - SAMPLE6  are programs from the tape that came with the C1P/Superboard 600. The tape was labeled "SCX-102 C1P SAMPLER (Six Programs)".


Programs that were marketed by Aardvark Technical Services:

Program Title Documentation Program Title Documentation

Most of the programs from Aardvark the I have were written by Roger Olsen. All of them were distributed by Aardvark, as well as from the author himself. I will be removing that section shortly, as I move those items up here.

I've taken a break from uploading programs to focus on documentation for awhile. Some of these programs need documentation in order to be used effectively, while others do not. But the ones that do, really need it.

Don't be too quick to point out typos in the documentation. I've tried to reproduce the original documents as carefully as possible. For example, take a look at the BATTLEFLEET documentation. Yuck! But that is how things were at that time. (This was a commercially marketed program!) However, I'm only human, I can make mistakes as too. So feel free if you think I missed something.

BACKGAMMON is the classic board game for the C1P. This is actually a fairly good implementation of the game. It plays fairly well, but allows you to cheat. Check out the documentation for operating instructions. NOTE: This program uses up so much memory that you can't use it with anything else. Not even the 32 Character Screen Driver!

BATTLEFLEET is the classic Battle Ship board game.

BREAKTHRU is the classic Breakout Atari 2600 game. You launch the ball using the "~`" key on the IBM keyboard. This is usually the key to the left of the "1" key.

CONCENTRATION is like the old Concentration TV game.

KILLERBOT is my favorite Olsen game.

SLASHBALL is pretty good too. Quite original.


Programs that were marketed by Progressive Computing:

Card Pack 1 Failsafe+2 Wild Weasel II
Card Pack 2 Golf Challenger  

32CHAR_SCREEN_DRIVER converts the C1P screen display from 24 to 32 characters per line. It came with the hardware "Video Mod 32" kit from Progressive Computing. Amazingly, it WORKS with the emulator. Check it out! It makes a much more readable display and doesn't interfere with game graphics (mostly). A warm start will reset you back to 24 character mode, without loosing your program in memory.

CARD PACK 1 is the Crazy Eights card game. Not too bad.

CARD PACK 2 is the Black Jack card game.

CARD PACK 3 is a version of Poker. Not too bad, though it's awfully insulting if it cleans you out.

FAILSAFE+2 is a nuclear/electronic warfare game. This is my favorite game on the C1P.

GOLF CHALLENGER is a not too bad golf game.

INVADERS is a version of the classic game.

WILD WEASEL II is another nuclear/electronic warfare game. Check out the splash screen! It's pretty useless without the manual, which I don't seem to have anymore. But you might be able to figure it out by looking for the keyboard commands in the code.


Programs by Roger Olsen:

These programs were marketed by the Apple/OSI computer store in Bellingham Washington during the late '70's and early '80s. Check the Aardvark Technical Services section for more games by Roger Olsen.


STARFIGHTER600 is a space war game.

STARFIGHTER20 is a modified version of STARFIGHTER600 that I did to make it a little more interesting.

STARFIGHTER21 is another modified version of STARFIGHTER600.



Programs Written by me: (a long time ago)

If there is more than one version of the same program (indicated by a number appended to the end of the name, the higher number indicates the most resent version. I've included earlier versions of my work, so those that are interested may examine how the program developed.

The (rather extensive) documentation for SUPER MONITOR and COMPRESS is now on line. Check it out! They are the .RTF files below.


ADVENT is the start of an Adventure type game.

BASFORTH is a rudimentary implementation of the FORTH programming language done in BASIC. "Written by: C. H. TING, Extended by: J. TRAVIS"

CLUEPAD is a substitute for the notepad used by the board game "CLUE". It makes logical deductions based on the information entered.

COMPRESS is a program that removes spaces and REM statements from a program, to reduce the amount of memory it uses, without impacting it's operation. This was a big concern when programming with only 4 or 8 KB!

HANGMAN is yet another version of the classic game.

HEXDOS32 is a 32 character screen driver for the HEXDOS operating system. This needs to be compiled by an assembler such as HEXASM. If nothing else, it's a good example of a 6502 assembler program.

JETTERM is a dumb terminal emulator.

LANDAIRFIGHT is the start of a game.

MEMCHECK is a very useful memory integrity checker, to help locate bad memory chips.

SPACE is the classic screen saver.

SUBMARINE is the start of another game.

SUPERMONITOR is an extended monitor program written in BASIC. It is very useful for looking at the memory locations inside the computer. The manual is in the "SUPERMONITOR.RTF" file (you'll need it).

USRFINDR finds USR function calls in a program. A USR call is a way of executing machine code from within a BASIC program.


Programs Written by Josef Ellert: (some in German)

I recently received these programs from Josef/Sepp Ellert in a ZIP file attached to an email. Thanks so much Sepp! If anyone else has old Superboard 600 programs out there, send them in and I'll post them!

The original ZIP file (which I've checked with Norton Anti-Virus to be free from viruses) can be accessed here It contains a number of files not listed below, including all of the OSI sample programs which came with the C1P/Superboard. Some of the German programs start with a prompt for instructions (such as "ANWEISUNGEN?"). Type "J" to see the instructions, or "N" to continue without them.

This is the text of the email I received:

Hi Jerry,

I send you some old OSI-progs. Some of it were written by me.
The most of the progs were on cassettes.

I wish you a lot of fun with this old "treasures"

Nice Greetings from Germany :-)
Sepp Ellert

Abfucker_mit_RND.BAS Enterprise.BAS Mastermind.BAS Seawolfe.BAS Tennis.BAS
Abfucker-Commands.txt Funktionsplotter.BAS DatabaseHamRadio.BAS Skybattle.BAS Time Loop.BAS
Alien Invaders.BAS GuessGame.BAS Parabolspiegelgewinn.BAS Starfighter 600.BAS UFO.BAS
Ariane Mondlandung.BAS Herz.BAS QTH-Kenner-Entfernung.BAS Startrek.bas Winkelfunktionen.BAS
Biorythmus.BAS Luxuszahlenspiel.BAS RTTY-ASCII.BAS Sterne Demo.BAS Zahlenumrechner(basis).BAS

Abfucker_mit_RND.BAS is some sort of graphics "shoot-em-up" game.

Abfucker-Commands.txt are instructions for the Abfucker game.

Alien Invaders.BAS is the classic Alien Invaders game. The instructions are in German, but they're not difficult to figure out.

Ariane Mondlandung.BAS is a Moon Landing game (in German).

Biorythmus.BAS is a bio-rhythm program.

Enterprise.BAS is a space graphics game.

Funktionsplotter.BAS is some sort of plotting program (in German).

GuessGame.BAS is a number guessing game. Reply "J" at the prompt to see instructions (in English).

Herz.BAS is some sort of medical evaluation program?


Mastermind.BAS is some sort of text memory game.

DatabaseHamRadio.BAS is a Ham Radio program?

Parabolspiegelgewinn.BAS is a Ham Radio program?

QTH-Kenner-Entfernung.BAS is a Ham Radio program?

RTTY-ASCII.BAS is a Ham Radio program?

Seawolfe.BAS is a graphics sea battle game. When the game starts, type "N" at the first prompt, and "1" at the second.. Use the control key to fire your torpedoes, and the Shift keys to direct them.

Skybattle.BAS is a graphics aerial dogfight game somewhat like Wild Weasel II

Starfighter 600.BAS is Roger Olsen's Starfigher600 game translated into German, wow!

Startrek.bas is a graphics space game. Use the shift keys to try and catch the Enterprise.

Sterne Demo.BAS is a basic screen saver type program.

Tennis.BAS is a Pong style graphics game.

Time Loop.BAS displays a rapidly incrementing counter on the screen.

UFO.BAS is an interesting graphics game. The instructions are in German, but it doesn't look too difficult to figure out.

Winkelfunktionen.BAS is a program for calculating the trigonometric functions.

Zahlenumrechner(basis).BAS is a number base converter, decimal, hexadecimal and binary,

Be sure to check out Mark Csele's Ohio Scientific web page! It's located at: